Friday, April 03, 2015

2015 Adelaide Poker Schedule

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For poker players in Australia looking for some of the best tournament action, Adelaide offers a full slate of tournaments year-round, boasting a wide variety of tournament structures and buy-ins. From the casual-playing amateur to the seasoned professional, Adelaide holds tournaments sure to appeal to every level of competitor. Check out some of the highlighted tournaments taking place in Adelaide this year:

Poker SA Classic, April 15-19, Maylands Hotel

One of the two largest tournaments offered annually in Adelaide, the Poker SA Classic combines great hospitality with high-intensity poker action to make an unforgettable poker tournament.

Spanning from Wednesday-Sunday, the Classic hosts events for all kinds of poker enthusiasts, with enticing prize pools. Take a look at the tournament schedule:

Wednesday, April 5: $250 6-Handed Pot Limit Omaha Event, 4pm

Thursday, April 6: $300 8-Handed Texas Hold 'Em Event, 4pm

Friday, April 7: $290 Terminator Event, 4pm
Saturday-Sunday, April 8-9: There are no free bets in this tournament which is a $1600 Poker SA Classic No Limit Hold 'Em Main Event, 12:30 pm 

Sunday, April 9: $2400 No Limit Hold 'Em High Roller Event, 4:30 pm

All of the tournaments in the Poker SA Classic boast deep starting stacks and slow-climbing blind levels, allowing plenty of time on the felt for players, as well as plenty of room to manoeuvre. This isn't the place for free bets however, there is stellar food and beverage service provided with all of the tournaments, and included in tournament entry fees. Each event has a premium meal and drink service, while the Main Event and High Roller Event offer a full silver platter food service during breaks.

Poker SA Diamond Series, October 21-25 Maylands Hotel

The other major tournament series held in Adelaide is the infamous Diamond Series. This series offers a similar mix of poker games, with even more tantalising prize pools. Check out the tournament schedule:

Wednesday, October 21: $320 6-Handed Pot Limit Omaha, 4pm

Thursday, October 22: $440 8-Handed Texas Hold 'Em, 4pm

Friday, October 23: $340 Terminator Event, 4pm

Saturday-Sunday, October 24-25: $2400 Poker SA Diamond Series Main Event, 12:30pm

Sunday, October 24: $3700 No Limit Hold 'Em High Roller Event, 3:30pm

From a bounty tournament (Terminator event) to PLO and NLHE tourneys, the Diamond Series offers the same eclectic mix of tournament action as the Poker SA Classic, with slightly higher buy-in fees, meaning higher prize payouts. The tournament offers the same great dining options as the Poker SA Classic, including premium food and beverage services, that are inclusive in the tournament entry fees. The weekend tournaments offer silver platter service, with inclusive premium meal options, such as chicken and prawn, or pork rib eye.

Weekly Tournaments, Year-Round

In addition to the two major events held at the Maylands Hotel in Adelaide, there are weekly poker tournaments held year-round, offering guaranteed action on the felt five or six days a week. Here's a look at the weekly staples:

Mondays: This is the closest tournament for providing free bets at $50 No Limit Hold 'Em Tournament, 7pm

Tuesdays: $160 No Limit Hold 'Em, $4k Guaranteed, 7pm

Wednesdays: $100 No Limit Hold 'Em, $3k Guaranteed, 7pm

Thursdays: $130 No Limit Hold 'Em Re-Buy Tournament, 7pm

Fridays: $100 No Limit Hold 'Em, 7:30 pm

Sundays: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Terminator Events (Varied)

Sunday tournaments at the Maylands don't occur every week, so check the schedule for specific dates:
The special Sunday tournaments offer increased buy-ins and prize pools, as well as the Mayland Hotel's famous food and drink service to keep you going throughout your tournament action.

To learn more on how to qualify for these events, visit


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