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History of Poker in Adelaide

February 2009: The inaugural PokerStars ANZPT - Australia New Zealand Poker Tour - kicks off in the delightful capital of the Australian state of South Australia, Adelaide.

From the ANZPT Website:

For the first event of Season 1 the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour comes to Adelaide. Adelaide is the perfect place for discovering vineyards and unspoilt bushland.

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July 2008: APA Adelaide Organisers and Players Found NOT GUILTY in test cases

From the PokerNetwork Forum thread: APA Adelaide Organisers and Players NOT GUILTY:

Decision handed down by Magistrate Kossiasvelos 15th July 2008. Both organisers and players not guilty, here decision is 49 pages. Both defendants are now seeking full costs from the police and this has been adjourned until early September. Police have 21 days to appeal decision. APA is now seeking to get its members property back.

November 2007: Teenager Daniel Booth Wins $96,000 Adelaide Holdem Championship Poker Tournament

His win made news in the Advertiser and a number of online publications both national and international. From the Associated Content article: Teenager Daniel Booth Wins $96,000 Adelaide Holdem Championship Poker Tournament:

A teenage college student from Australia won the Adelaide Holdem Championship poker tournament. Amazingly, after cashing in a $96,000 first place win, the youth went back to work at his job stocking shelves at the local grocery store.

June 2007: Pub Poker comes to South Australia

From the CasinoCity Times Article: Poker Craze Hits South Australia:

Texas Hold 'Em – the poker phenomenon that's become a TV hit – is coming to Adelaide pubs. The National Poker League will start free Texas Hold 'Em tournaments in South Australian locals from the end of this month.

August 2006: APA Adelaide Closes its Doors

From the PokerNetwork Forum thread: APA Adelaide has closed until further notice:

APA Adelaide under directions has closed its branch.APA Adelaide will be working closely with other members of the Adelaide poker fraternity to fight the current charges its members face in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in Adelaide.A sad day for poker in Adelaide!!!

May 2006: Winter Poker Tournament at SkyCity Adelaide

First major tournament since poker returned to the Casino.

July 2005: Poker Returns to Adelaide Casino

From the PokerNetwork Forum thread: Poker at the Adelaide Casino:

We're excited to be able to tell you that Texas Holdem, Omaha and Manila Poker will be at SKYCITY from Wednesday 20th July.To kick off, we're holding a Texas Holdem tournament and we're giving you the opportunity to be one of the first to play Poker at SKYCITY in 4 years.

June 2005: Adelaide Poker Championships Raided By Police

From PokerNetwork Forum thread: SA Championships raided by Police!:

The SA Championships have been raided by the police on the first night of action.All players have been questioned and all games cancelled after 25-30 police stormed the premises and halted action.

Sometime Between 1999 and 2005
: The APA South Australian Branch starts running poker games in Adelaide once more.

From the PokerNetwork article, 'Adelaide Pilgrimage – The Home of Oz Poker?':

And then there is the revival of Poker in Adelaide with the first APA Adelaide Championships. Resurrected by Judge Joe and Glen Gofor under the auspices of the Australasian Poker Association (APA).

1987- 1999: Adelaide, "the true home of Australasian Poker"

From the PokerNetwork article, 'Adelaide Pilgrimage – The Home of Oz Poker?':

For many years 1987 to 1999 it (Adelaide Casino) was the true “Home of Australasian Poker” and a Mecca for interstate players once or twice a year. Tournament Poker was in its infancy at the time and for many years “Adelaide was the only true Game in Town”.

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