Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cool Hand Poker

I was bombarded with Ads for this new online site 'Cool Hand Poker' as I watched lateish-night TV the other night. You may or may not have seen the ads or heard of the site but their slogan is "NO PROS! NO HUSTLERS! NO SHARKS!" which made me cringe as I heard it again and again and again.

The website address is and its a free, play money site. Advertising on TV isn't cheap so my guess is they'll try and lure you over to their real money site: How they plan to do that remains to be seen as I couldn't find any direct links from the '.net' website to the '.com.' I couldn't be bothered signing up and downloading the software so the answer probably lies somewhere within.

The marketing of the site is very new-user friendly so you'll probably find the real money games a bit softer than those on other sites which is a good thing for those in the know.

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