Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where to Play Poker in Adelaide

There are a number of different options for poker players in Adelaide of a range of different skill levels. Keep in mind that playing games of chance (or part chance, including poker) in a public venue for money is illegal in South Australia, although this seems to have been relaxed somewhat with the recent poker craze. However, its still a serious offence if you try and make any money from such games such as a commission or rake, this also includes private games.

Pub Poker

Great way to learn the game with friends in the familiar environment of your local pub. Not so good if you're past the learning stage and want to improve your game. Check out the Pub Poker post for more information and strategy.

Home Game

Probably the best way to hone your skills if you have a bunch of mates looking for regular games. Encourage your players to bring their friends so you get a chance to play different people. Home games have a wide range of skill levels depending on how long the players have been playing for.

In order to keep the game friendly we recommend sticking to tournaments which will limit the amount that can be lost each game. Stakes should be high enough that players aren't totally reckless but low enough that its no biggy if they lose. Read our guide to setting up your own home game for more information.

Private/ Public Game

This is usually a private game looking for more players outside their own friend circle or one or more good players trying to improve their games and possibly make some money. Usually held in someone's home or at a clubhouse or business after hours. Expect the caliber of players to be higher than those at your average home game.

These are the sorts of games that we will try and list here on the website, otherwise you can find these games by searching on Facebook, theres a number of private groups which you can request membership for to get into the game. Otherwise you might have to know someone to find/get into these games.

These are great games to take your skills to the next level. However, always remember to consider your safety first. If you don't know anyone in the game it might be a good idea to meet with the host beforehand and/or take a friend along with you. Anytime money and strangers are involved theres a possibility of friction, especially as you raise the stakes.

SkyCity Adelaide

The Adelaide Casino, owned and run by SkyCity, is now open everyday and they offer a range of different games. They provide a professional playing environment, efficient dealer and security which are all especially useful for higher stakes, but for that they take a commission or rake which will cut into your bottom line.

On Friday and Saturday nights there will be plenty of drunk people just waiting to give their money away but during the week and at other off peak times keep an eye out for the regulars, many of which have a lot of hours under their belts and have a high standard of play.

The Casino is the best place to practice playing real people at stakes that matter. Don't expect to make a living playing at the casino, although there are some that do it. Keep an eye on your bankroll, read up on strategy and practice practice practice online to make sure you're staying ahead of the competition.

Online Poker

All the suggestions so far have been for live games in Adelaide. I have listed them approximately in order of skill level required although there is plenty of overlap. Online games are in another category and have games to suit players from all the different skill levels and bankrolls.

Most poker sites have a play money option which is roughly equal to pub poker, a good place to start but don't stay there too long if you want to improve. With Online Poker you can play multiple tables at once and many more hands per hour than even the casino as all the dealing and chip handling is done automatically which also means a lower rake. If you have an edge over your opponents, your expected earnings from online play will far exceed that of live play. However, that also means if you're not up to the general skill level or if you are prone to go on tilt (which is much easier in the privacy of your own home) you can lose a lot of money very quickly.

Make sure you stick to stakes that you can afford and only move up if your bankroll allows (500 big bets is a good bench mark).


Damir said...

For what its worth I wanted to make a mention you should take a closer look at, held at The Maylands Hotel.

They have Poker tournaments weekly, monthly and High Roller events a few times per year where serious hall of famers fly down to play over a couple of days. They even have a pro RFID table with cameras live streaming on their website that shows hands on the fly and camera follows the hand etc.

Pretty cool stuff for ol' Radelaide if you ask me, certainly nothing else like it around, these guys are packed Mon, Wed, Thur every week and then their once a month events as well, I would have thought there is only so much Poker anyone could or would want to play in a week but that's just me, probably cos I'm not that good a player :)

Anyway, worth a checkout I reckon


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