Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Adelaide Casino Gambling

I've recently noticed various advertisements around Adelaide for our beloved casino but something struck me as odd. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, then it dawned on me... 'Adelaide Casino' was what was being advertised, not 'SkyCity Adelaide' as we've come to expect. Apparently the name reverted back in 2009 but I guess I didn't notice until now. Its nice to have the original name for the casino back I must day :).

Casino Game Odds

If you don't play poker, why not stick with the games that you have the best odds of winning.
  • Big Wheel- This used to be my game of choice at the casino, its just so easy to play. But, it has some of the worst odds in the casino. Every bet your place on the spin of the wheel has a house advantage of 7.69%.
  • Roulette- Pay no attention to those standing around the wheel recording whether the previous spins were red or black as they previous spins have absolutely no baring on future spins. The house edge for all roulette bets is 2.70% , not as bad as the Big Wheel but still pretty bad.
  • Blackjack- This is a very unique game as, unlike roulette and big wheel, previous hands in the game DO have an effect on future hands. Its also a game where the player has a lot of control over their chances of winning. The optimal system of play is called Basic Strategy. Playing Basic Strategy at Adelaide Casino will give the house a very small edge of 0.69%.
  • Poker- As you know, this is now my game of choice. In poker you play against other players rather than the dealer so the house doesn't have any edge. They do, however, take a percentage of each pot which is known as the 'rake,' this is how they make money from poker.
Online Casino Gambling

The online casino is a different beast all together! The online casinos have no expensive venue to pay for and no hundreds of dealers, pitbosses and security personnel to pay. That means they can offer a much better game with much more favourable odds for the player and still make a sizeable profit for themselves. The best online casinos also offer all sorts of bonuses, competitions and other incentives to make your playing experience better. You also don't need to worry about driving, parking or getting dressed up, you can even play in your underwear if you like!


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